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Wednesday 12 December 2018


OptiMate 7 Select - the Technician’s Friend

Batteries used to have a simple job - provide cranking amps to the starter motor and power to the ignition, and at the press of a button the rider could fire up that engine. Worst case scenario, if the battery was flat, the rider could bump-start the vehicle and then the charging system took over.  

No more! With powersport engine and electrical system management increasingly controlled by a powerful central processor, which in turn utilizes a two-wire communication system ( e.g. CAN-bus) to link up with the fuel and ignition system, wireless throttle and even all the lights, the battery’s job has been upgraded to an essential component that has to deliver power before the engine runs and provide stable power at idle or low speed running.
The problem is batteries keep on getting downsized in capacity, so when it comes to engine diagnostics and ECU software updates, the battery cannot keep up. It needs help so that the motorcycle service technician can troubleshoot or confirm if a new software update is working right.  

That is where the OptiMate 7 Select comes in, a diagnostic battery saving charger and power supply.
As a power supply it provides a 13.6V 8 Amp power supply mode that is ideal for service and custom bike shops; the power supply mode guarantees the battery voltage remains in range during updating of software or adjustment of fuel/ignition map settings, and there’s plenty of time to troubleshoot electrical problems without killing the battery.
Then there is the new breed of vehicle show room, where music and lights attract attention and there is always that showroom rider who wants to turn everything on and blast the stereo system at full volume. The OptiMate 7 is the showroom as well as workshop friend, ready to support and quickly recharge that battery.
When it comes to charging, there’s no need to worry what type or size of 12V lead-acid battery is in the vehicle. OptiMate's unique AmpMatic processor delivers temperature compensated charge voltage and adjusts charge current to match the connected battery’s size and condition.
Simply connect the charger and let it do its job. If the powersport vehicle is fitted with an after-market high performance AGM battery (e.g. Odyssey’s PC range or Yuasa’s GYZ range), a higher 14.7V charge voltage can be selected. 
If the battery is dead flat, OptiMate’s proven desulphation program saves ‘dead’ batteries from as low as 0.5 volts, then tests the battery to indicate how well it recovered.