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Thursday 6 December 2018

INTERMOT 2018 review part 2

Cardo Systems: The most exciting new rider communications system in years, Cardo followed up the big leap forward represented by its user-friendly ergonomics of its PACKTALK line by knocking the ball out of the park with next generation Voice Command Operated PACKTALK Bold - featuring voice command activation, coupled with Dynamic Mesh Communication technology. Said to be the world’s first natural voice-command operated motorcycle communications system, the company says it has created “the industry’s most sophisticated and dynamic motorcycle communications system - a new standard in ease-of-use, seamlessly integrating with Apple’s Siri and “OK Google” voice-command platforms. With natural voice-command, riders can simply say “Hey Cardo,” and the always-on system reacts instantaneously. It no longer requires a specific activation action such as push-to-talk. Instead, the system allows riders to keep their hands on the bars at all times”. Kudos to Cardo founder and CEO Dr. Abraham Glezerman - his proprietary Dynamic Mesh technology allows up to 15 riders to wirelessly communicate with each other with the same ease of connecting just two. Unlike Bluetooth communications, Dynamic Mesh Communication-powered devices are interconnected, thus allowing a group of riders to seamlessly join, leave or change positions at a distance of up to five miles without causing a breakdown in communications. Huge!


Remus: Recent new products from the Austrian exhaust manufacturer include additions to the company’s Sound Design Power pipes such as a new 2-into-1 for the Sport Glide and 2-into-2 options for the Softail Breakout 107/114 and Fat Boy 107;


Horex: Following its “near death experience” two years after the German motorcycle manufacturer gave debut to its VR6 “Classic” and “Cafe Racer”, the company brought another new model to the show - its VR6 Raw. Managing Director Karsten Jerschke described the reaction to its latest sporty model as “enthusiastic” with trade visitors and the public giving the thumbs up to the latest iteration of the two-up, high-end Power Cruiser. The 1200 cc triple overhead camshaft design 18-valve water-cooled six-cylinder VR engine delivers 161 hp (120 kW) and 128 Nm torque. Features include a six-speed transmission, CFRP structural subframe, a new stainless steel exhaust with central catalytic converter and two stainless steel silencers, Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes front and rear, and Horex forged aluminum wheels;


BS Battery: French designer and manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket powersports industry lead-acid batteries and charging, diagnostic and testing units for all battery formats, Paris based BS Battery is owned and operated by Benjamin Sebban, with operations in north and south America, Japan, Asia and more than 54 countries worldwide. The company’s ‘Plug & Play’ AGM (Advanced Glass Material) factory-activated ‘SLA’ Max battery range has three terminal-specific, heavy duty, higher cranking amp applications than OE battery upgrades for most current H-D models. “With no more acid to handle during the initial battery activation procedure, the ‘SLA’ concept is the ultimate user-friendly “Plug & Play” motorcycle battery solution”;


Energica: Next year sees the Italian E-bike manufacturer’s Ego Corsa adopted as the spec bike for the upcoming FIM MotoE World Cup international E-bike race series;


VOZZ: It’s not often that a truly revolutionary leap forward happens in any market, perhaps least of all in the motorcycle helmet sector, but the Australian designed VOZZ helmet challenges helmet design orthodoxy at a fundamental level. Just why exactly are all other helmets designed to be lifted off the head vertically, when there is another way of looking at it? That “other way”, the VOZZ way of having the helmet open front from back, results in improved ergonomics, improved comfort and an opportunity to design and manufacture the head opening and chin bar area in a way that eliminates the compromises of the orthodox assumptions - “Go Strapless”;


Keis Heated Apparel: The fast growing Motohaus owned British apparel brand has been “advancing the evolution of heated motorcycle clothing for over 10 years.” Now it is starting to make its range of designs available to distributors and their dealers in continental Europe - last year saw a test introduction in France, Italy, the Czech Republic and Denmark. Designed in the UK, specifically for European riding conditions, the Keis apparel program includes a range of heated jackets, vests, ladies’ bodywarmers, gloves (armoured and inner gloves), heated trousers and boot insoles. Keis uses “micro carbon fiber technology” and the very latest heat generating technology to deliver Far Infra-Red Radiation - the kind that bright sunlight transmits, even on cold days;


DP Brakes: The UK based manufacturer was the originator of sintered brake pad technology, still the foundation of what is said to be the best braking compound formulation available. DP pads for Harley applications are made for and sold exclusively by Drag Specialties;