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Tuesday 9 March 2021

S&S Cycle

SuperStreet 2-into-1 in Stainless Steel  

The latest out of the S&S house of horsepower is an all stainless steel version of its popular SuperStreet exhaust for the M-8 Softail platform. 

Combining its stainless header with stainless heat shields and muffler "make for a great look without the punishment of melting boots most other stainless exhausts result in.
"We love the look of raw stainless but hate the torque dip of the super short systems, and really hate melting stuff on exposed headers," said S&S Exhaust Manager Todd Canavan. 


S&S doesn't build anything unless it makes power, and the SuperStreet does exactly that with a +15% hp gain and a +10% bump in torque. "Combine that with the perfect length and angle, clearing bags, passenger pegs and forward controls.
"The added bonus of the SuperStreet stainless is that it is 50 state legal, so it's warranty and California friendly."