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Friday, 1 December 2017


Zodiac additions

S&S bolt-in cam kits
S&S engineers have produced what they believe to be the ideal combo of lift and duration with these new high-performance cam kits. “They not only deliver excellent horsepower and torque numbers, but do so in the more important, usable rpm range,” says Zodiac International Sales Manager Ruud Bakker.
“They deliver where it matters most in real-world riding conditions. For example, for the 465 cams S&S states gains of 21 hp and 21 ft-lb torque coupled with a performance intake and exhaust.” S&S cams are compatible with all stock components, “but for the cost of the labor to remove and reinstall the stock pushrods, you'll be money ahead to cut them out and replace them with a set of S&S ‘Quickee’ pushrods for Milwaukee-Eight engines,” says Bakker.
“Gear drive cam kits include all the parts needed to convert to a reliable cam drive with improved valve timing accuracy. Due to machining variations in the stock cam plate, oversized or undersized gears may be needed to achieve correct gear lash.”
S&S bolt-in 350 cams are compatible with all stock valve train components - the 350G gear drive cam has stock specs, but eliminates cam drive chain and tensioner, providing improved valve timing accuracy with no tuning required; all the kits include a full complement of upgraded Torrington style needle bearings, O-rings and hardware.
The bolt-in 465 stock valvetrain-compatible cams, and 465G gear drive cams provide increased torque and horsepower, eliminating cam drive chain and tensioner and providing improved valve timing accuracy.
The 475 bolt-ins are a 100 hp cam when coupled with performance intake and exhaust; compatible with all stock valvetrain components, but ‘Quickee’ pushrods are recommended for ease of installation.
Finally, S&S 550 cams are said to be an “ideal horsepower cam for 114 ci and larger engines, requiring new valve springs to accommodate the higher lift”; ‘Quickee’ pushrods recommended.
Additional available optional replacement parts include those ‘Quickee’ pushrod kits for Milwaukee- Eights, plus performance valve spring kits for up to .605" lift, under- and oversized pinion gears, FoaMet cam gear cover gasket and chain and gear drive cam hardware, gasket and bearings kits.

Universal handlebar grips
Here’s something you don’t see every day…universal handlebar grips made from naturally dried wood, sold in sets for left and right. Order the throttle sleeve for your application separately. Styles include ‘Long Board’, ‘Tiki’, ‘Machete’, ‘Revolver’ and ‘Flame’.

Slimline Legacy tanks
Narrowed and tapered, they are 9" (23 cm) wide in the front and only 3 1/2" (9 cm) wide in the rear and hold approx. 2.75 US fluid gallons (10.4 liters). They take stock style screw-in gas caps and a set of Old School rubber knee pads (available separately); fitments available for 1983 thru 2006 Sportster models feature fuel valve bungs left and right and include one chrome block-off nut. Tanks for custom fitment come with 3-piece weld-on mounting bracket kit.

Zodiac is offering ‘Disc’ style petcocks with mesh filter screen and 13/16" nut. They fit OEM tanks 1975 thru 1982 and most custom tanks with external 13/16" connection and are offered with a choice of spigots, in chrome or black.

EFI fuel pump kits
Direct replacements for the OEM fuel pump, these kits come complete with pump hose and hardware (all that is required is the pump bracket as included in OEM fuel pump kits). Available in configurations for 1995 to present Touring models, 2001 thru 2017 Softails and 2004 thru 2017 Dynas.

Vision-X light units
These “superior quality” E-approved multiple LED light units with halo ring light, low and high beam, are available in 5 3/4" and 7" diameter for a range of applications, including FLTR Road Glide models. They come with H4-style connectors - adapters for use with Delphi, H9 and H11 connectors are separately available. Also available, Vision-X passing LED single beam light units and unit sets are said to be five times brighter than traditional Halogen passing lamps. They fit all regular 4 1/2" spotlight and drive light housings, but also feature side mount fixing points for custom fitment. Available with chrome or black reflector housing.

Zodiac ‘Beefy’ LED Z-bars
Featuring integrated LED light units, these handlebars work with normal cable style throttle, as well as throttle-by-wire, as found on 2008 to present Touring, 2016 to present Softail and selected CVO and SE models. Beefed up to 1 ¼” (3 cm) diameter, they take all handlebar controls designed for regular 1" handlebars, are drilled for internal wiring and feature flush-mounted LED turn signals with amber LEDs and smoke lens. Available in a selection of rise, end rise and widths in chrome, matt or gloss black.