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Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Kibblewhite compression release valves

These new KPMI branded compression release valves manufactured by Pacifica, California based specialist Kibblewhite Precision Machining reduce cylinder compression at initial start-up, and with 5-7 newtons of resistance force, they won’t close early, and when they do close full compression is restored, which is ideal for high-demand applications. 

This reduces “hot start” issues and load on the starter motor and battery. They are suitable for all displacements, but are especially effective in high-compression engines where they can add greatly to durability, reliability and reduced start-up component stress.
Featuring custom molded knobs to ensure a cool touch and easy operation, they ship in pairs, have 0.350” M10 x 1 thread lengths for EVOs and Shovelheads (1.050” upper body) and Twin Cams (1.380” upper body), so they are easier to install than the OEM items they replace; also available with 0.500” (1.250” upper body) for OE replacement.