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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

AIMExpo 2017 review part 4

Avon Tyres: The leading custom motorcycle tire manufacturer has added to its ever-popular Cobra range of touring tires with two new fronts (130/60B19 and 130/60B21) and two new rears (160/70B17 and 180/55B18). A firm favorite with custom shops and custom bike builders, Avon’s Cobras were introduced in 2007 as a replacement line for the venerable Venoms. Described as delivering “style and performance for cruisers, customs and tourers,” they are backed by Avon’s Road Hazard warranty program and 15,000-mile warranty;


Beringer: Noted worldwide for its manufacturing quality, French made Beringer brake calipers and rotors, 6-piston Aerotec and 4 and 6-piston radial calipers are sold to leading custom shops and bike builders worldwide;


S&S Cycle: This is proving to be a big year for the legendary Viola, Wisconsin based purveyor of “Proven Performance” as it continues a product blitz that has seen them move seamlessly from items such as M-8 cams and install kits right through to the 50-state legal MK 45 muffler/header ‘El Dorado’ performance exhaust system package for ‘09-’16 Harley touring models. Shipping complete with optimized and matched Power Tune headers and a set of 4.5” MK45 mufflers fitted with the latest S&S designed high flow cat technology. By placing the cat in the muffler, it is insulated and moved away from the rider’s legs, while maintaining its high flow and emissions reducing characteristics. Backed by a California Air Resources Board ‘Executive Order’ (EO# K-010), it “combines clean styling and an authoritative note with increased torque and horsepower.” Described as a bolt-on install that doesn’t require tuning, the ‘El Dorado’ package is available for ‘09-’16 touring models in show quality chrome or black ceramic finish with choice of S&S ‘Tracer’ or ‘Thruster’ style exhaust tips. M-8 applications are due for release very soon;


Amsoil: This year saw the death of founder Al Amatuzio, 93, a former fighter pilot of distinction and a man widely regarded as one of the pioneers in terms of bringing synthetic lubricants to the automotive industry. The Superior, Wisconsin based company added to its motorcycle product line this year with a new V-twin synthetic motorcycle oil, in 15W-60 viscosity, as a premium alternative option to manufacturer-branded oils for Victory and Indian Scout applications. The company says that this catalytic converter compatible formulation has been “engineered to protect critical components operating in the high-heat conditions commonly found in hard working engines. Fortified with a premium anti-wear and oxidation-inhibitor additive package to reduce wear regardless of operating conditions, it remains thermally stable and extremely resistant to breakdown”;


Antigravity Batteries: More than just a battery manufacturer, the Los Angeles, California based manufacturer is a purveyor of advanced power solutions, with the top-of-the-range American made, ultra-lightweight YTX12 24-cell lithium ion motorcycle battery said to be the “highest power lithium nano-phosphate motorsport battery ever made.” At just 5 lbs it is said to deliver a weight saving of up to 14 lbs in motorcycles, and despite its compact 5.82” x 3.4” x 5.12” design, it can produce a massive 720 cranking amps. It features all-brass terminals and comes with a 3-year warranty. Also check out the company’s 6-volt 8-cell lithium-ion battery - lightweight and small enough to fit all horseshoe type oil tanks or early battery boxes – and the small but powerful MicroStart jump starter and portable power solution; 

Design Engineering Inc: Recent new products from the Avon Lake, Ohio based thermal and acoustic barrier specialist include ‘Titanium’ exhaust wrap in a sleeve and Generation III exhaust heat shields;


Kibblewhite Precision Machining: The leading Californian valvetrain manufacturer has brought a slew of product design updates to the market for Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight Touring model engines. Wound from a blend of chrome silicon wire designed specifically for performance valvetrain, KPMI high-performance replacement and high-lift beehive spring kits allow the choice of aggressive cam profiles, with lifts of up to .550” for performance builds that the stock springs wouldn’t be able to cope with reliably. KPMI ‘Black Diamond’ intake and exhaust valves are said to offer combined weight savings of approximately 6.8 g over the OEM components, reducing wear and tear on the rest of the valvetrain and allowing the engine to rev higher. KPMI also offers ‘White Diamond’ Inconel exhaust valves for extreme duty applications with high exhaust gas temperatures;


Ride Wright Wheels: The Anaheim, California based spoke wheel manufacturer describes its premium “Fat 30-Round-02s” 30-spoke custom motorcycle wheels as a “solid investment that now come as standard with our real steel Omega rims. The steel format is intended for professional builders and for those who want to customize their motorcycle using the strength and reliability of American steel”;