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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Fuel tank wall mount and fork cap installer

More real-world time and money savers as the endlessly creative ‘Workshop Meisters’ at JIMS and their fellow travellers strive for workshop perfection.

Installing the fork tube caps requires compressing the spring while rotating the cap. With the forks mounted on the bike, this task can become almost impossible due to the limited work area and with the required effort needed to compress the spring and start the fine thread on the cap.
This new JIMS fork cap installation tool for 49 mm fork tubes allows the technician to install the fork tube caps on the motorcycle without removing other parts, and can be done in minutes.

When the fuel tank is removed from the bike, it can create storage issues. A tank left on a work bench or otherwise exposed can typically create a disaster by being knocked to the floor or damaged on the bench.
“The concept of our fuel tank storage was brought to us by Kevin Baxter at Pro Twin Performance. Our fuel tank wall mount’s base is to be mounted to a stud on a wall or other suitable mounting surface, where the fuel tank can be easily and safely mounted out of harm’s way. The hanger justifies its value by knowing the cost of a damaged tank can be significantly more. Additionally, fuel tanks can be displayed for show and ‘wall art’ purposes.”