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Friday, 1 December 2017

S&S Cycle

50-state legal 2018 Softail slip-ons

Having already released a high-flow intake for the 2018 M-8 Softails, S&S Cycle has unveiled new cam grinds and the first of its exhaust offerings for the new models – ‘Grand National’ slip-ons for the Fat Bob.

Combined with the S&S ‘Stealth’ air cleaner, the company reports a 12% hp and 6% torque gain with its ceramic finish slip-ons

Marketing Director David Zemla says: “The new bikes from the Motor Company deserve an exhaust note that’s worthy of the progress the platform represents, and S&S has stepped up to get the job done with our race inspired ‘Grand National’ slip-ons.
“Tuneable baffle inserts allow you to adjust sound and back pressure to best suit your style and performance needs. Combined with the S&S ‘Stealth’ air cleaner you’ll see a 12% gain in hp and a 6% bump in torque.” They have an aluminum tip and ceramic finish and are emissions legal in all 50 states.
For those looking for bolt-in cams for the M-8s, S&S’ 475 series are available in gear or chain drive, and combined with a performance intake and exhaust, the company says that they have recorded 100 hp at the rear wheel with these cams – that is a 32 percent increase over stock power.

Combined with a performance intake and exhaust, S&S says it has recorded 100 hp at the rear wheel with these bolt-in 475s - a 32% increase over stock

S&S also recommends installing proven ‘Quickee’ pushrods at the same time, allowing for a cam install that does not require the top end to be disturbed.
For even bigger power gains on 114” Touring and Softail models, S&S recommends its 550 grind cam and heavy duty valve springs.