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Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Windzone puts you in the tool zone

Austin, Texas based tool specialist Windzone, a motorcycle garage and roadside emergency tool manufacturer, has improved its tools and expanded its line.

“We’re the oldest motorcycle tool manufacturer in the world, and our brand has been recognized by riders for a long, long time - over 25 years,” says Chip Thomson, the President of Windzone.
“The line has continued to be popular, but it’s now time to give Windzone a fresher look with improved products and an opportunity for many thousands more riders to enjoy the unmatched quality that can save them when they’re in need on the road,” Chip says.
Chip went on to explain that Windzone has always been known for having a solid line of toolkits, at various price points, but, regardless of cost, every one of their tool sets comes with a “Forever” guarantee, something that’s almost unheard of these days. “We don’t care if you break one of our tools with a breaker bar, or run over it with a forklift. It’s a tool, it’s not supposed to break. Kind of worthless if it does, so ‘Forever’ is the kind of warranty we think tools should have.”
The line runs from a choice of ‘Economy’ essential kits through to a ‘Road Doctor’ set that anticipates the vast majority of roadside needs that any rider might encounter. “Though all high strength,” Chip went on to say, “we have also focussed on making sure that our kits are lightweight enough to be truly portable and unobtrusive, as well as comprehensive enough to be truly practical and worth their small footprint.”
Available through Biker’s Choice, other selected distributors, and direct from Windzone which ships worldwide.