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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Wild 1’s Chubby Bagger

‘Reaper’ Chubby bars for Baggers

Those looking for the “ultimate custom 1.25” handlebars for their Bagger” should check out Wild 1’s Chubby Bagger ‘Reaper’ bars.

Combining maximum comfort with a flatter wrist angle and attitude, these Chubbys ”not only make your bike look badass, but you sit up straighter and feel way better riding,” says Nate Schultz. The Chubby Bagger ‘Reapers’ come in sizes of 10, 12, 14 and 16” and, like all Chubbys, are drilled for internal wiring.
“They are made with the same double wall construction as all our other Chubbys with 1.25” diameter tubing. We take special care in the manufacturing process to make sure the inside corners are smooth, so the electrical doesn’t get hung up during installation (no shredding wires!). They are designed to lean you back on your ride and give you a much more comfortable wrist angle than stock.”
The 10” works with stock cable lengths on 2014 and up Baggers. They’re available in show chrome, satin black powder-coat or a raw finish. The Bagger ‘Reaper’ Chubby has been designed to fit all H-D Bagger models. All Wild 1’s products are 100% made in the USA since 1996.