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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Confederate Motorcycles

Goodbye Confederate, hello Curtiss?

Described by Birmingham, Alabama based Confederate Motorcycles as the “most powerful example of the art of rebellion to date”, this is the (extremely!) limited edition FA-13 Combat Bomber, of which only thirteen examples will be handcrafted by the company.
Characterized by its 100% carved from military-spec billet construction, with its aggressive stance and its distinct stealth-matt anodized finish, it is likely to be the last ‘Confederate’ motorcycle we see.

In announcing his intention to “retire” the Confederate name after some 1,300 motorcycles, Matt Chambers said: “We can’t go any further than this, and with a name that lost us a lot of business, it’s time to move on.”
“Suddenly it’s 1970 again. The era of the great American muscle bike is coming to an end.” His plan is to reincarnate as Curtiss Motorcycles – a homage to the early twentieth century bike builder and record setter turned aviation pioneer whose business eventually merged with Wright Aviation.
Chambers plans to move from hydro-carbon guzzlers altogether and, in partnership with Zero Motorcycles, create a new 175 hp cruiser that will be powered by two Zero electric motors in a patented modular system.
A first new model, to be called the ‘Hercules’, is slated for a May 2018 unveil.