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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Zodiac International

Zodiac expands product range

ZODIAC has expanded its product range with a diverse selection of new products, and first among them are the Eco-Line extended hard saddlebags.
Eco-line manufactures its bags from ABS plastic and makes them 4in deeper than stock, with the extension covering the bike’s exhaust mufflers. The bags, which can be used as replacement for damaged stock bags, fit all ’92  – ‘13 hard luggage equipped FLH and FLT series Touring models, and can also be used on most Softail models when paired with Zodiac's separately available saddle bag bracket kit. 

With the Adjure LED H4-L30W hi/low LED bulb Zodiac is making it easier for riders to upgrade to LED lighting from halogen lighting. The Cree type LEDS used in the Adjure kit are said to give much brighter white light than a normal H4 bulb and use only 27W of power compared to 55W-60W for a conventional halogen bulb. The LED bulb fits headlight units that use a H4 bulbs with the P43t base with three tabs, and does not fit headlight units with a completely round P45 base. 

Zodiac now also has Goodridge Sniper 2 ‘Build Your Own’ brake lines available. The system features PC coated PTFE inner lined, stainless steel braided, micro bore hose and a choice of chrome or black fittings. Sniper 2 brake lines have an outer diameter as little as 0.16in, making them suitable for routing brake and clutch lines through concealed areas such as forks, frames and handlebars.
Goodridge Sniper 2 brake line is available in braided stainless, clear coated braided stainless, carbon look covered braided stainless and ‘Pure black’ covered braided stainless. Once the line has been cut to length it can be installed using Sniper 2 adaptors, banjo eyes and straight fittings.

Zodiac’s own Tomahawk 1in handlebars are made to be used on Touring models, specifically ’86-’07 FLHT and FLHX models. The bars can also be used on ’08 and later bikes if the right side is trimmed by 13mm to allow the fitting of throttle-by-wire controls. Offered in a choice of black or chrome, the bars, which are slotted for internal wiring, measure 36in wide, with a center width of 15-1/4in, 10in rise, and 6-5/8in pullback.

Replacement oil pumps for Twin Cam models are now being sold by Zodiac. Two versions of the cast aluminum pumps are available; one fits ‘99 - ‘05 Dyna, ‘99 - ‘06 Touring and ‘00 - ‘06 Softail applications, and the other is for ‘06 to present Dyna, ‘07 to present Softail and ‘07 to present Touring bikes. The new pumps are said to deliver more pressure and volume on both the oil feed and oil discharge side due to an improved design and 53mm diameter rotors allowing them to outperform the OEM pump. 

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