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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Rekluse Motor Sports

New clutch options from Rekluse

REKLUSE has released two new clutch options for Harley-Davidson Big Twins. They are the TorqDrive manual clutch and EXP auto-clutch.

The Rekluse TorqDrive clutch is engineered to meet the demands of high performance motors, while also offering a lighter clutch action. In order to achieve this Rekluse has developed a clutch pack, which it calls ‘rEvolutionary’, that takes a traditional eight steel plate and nine friction plate clutch pack configuration up to a 15 steel plate, 15 friction plate, and one specialized thick friction plate configuration. This increase is said to provide more torque at the rear wheel, which is especially effective for highly tuned motors.

The second option from Rekluse is its new EXP auto-clutch. Once installed the company states that riders can come to a complete stop in gear and accelerate without touching the clutch lever. The manual action of the clutch lever is still fully functional at any time, if desired, for shifting and taking off. 

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