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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Avon Tyres

AVON introduces 13 new Cobra sizes

AVON Tyres has introduced 13 new 15in to 21in sizes for its Cobra tire line designed for the cruiser, touring and custom market. Each new Cobra AV71 and AV72 size will soon replace the corresponding size in the existing Venom tire line.
“The Cobra is an incredibly well designed touring tire offering the best in style, longevity and performance,” said Ken Warner, VP of Marketing, Avon Tyres. “It’s perfect for touring and custom bikes, and handles well in a variety of conditions.”   

The Cobra, which is said to be ultra quiet, incorporates sport tire technology for quick handling, stability and long life, which the company says makes the tire "perfect for touring." The company states that the tire’s special construction, unique ‘snakeskin’ sidewall, and aggressive tread pattern make the Cobra "tough enough for heavy loads while offering great performance and style." Extra wide custom sizes are also available, as well as nine whitewalls. 

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