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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Arlen Ness

Ness equips Touring models

ARLEN Ness has released an extensive parts collection designed for use on 2014 Touring models. 

At the front of the bike Arlen Ness has forged billet aluminum triple trees with seven degrees of rake built into them for use on ’14 FLT models, which will allow the use of a 21in or 23in front wheel with the correct trail measurement. The kits include black anodized triple trees complete with pressed-in steel stem, lower fork bearing and travel limiters. Once the trees have been installed Batwing style fairings can be used in the stock position without the need to use angled headlight wedges or brackets to adjust the headlamp. The Arlen Ness seven-degree raked triple trees are available to fit 49mm forks on ’14 onward models, and also ’97-’13 models. 

Due to a larger diameter fork leg being used on the front of 2014 Touring models Arlen Ness has created a version of its Hot Leg fork legs and fork boots to work with the increased size.

The Hot Legs for 49mm fork legs used on ’14 FLT models are offered in a choice of Smooth or Deep Cut styles, and dual disc, single disc or single disc dual caliper braking configurations. The single disc dual caliper configuration allows users to fit the right side caliper to the front of the left side fork leg for a custom single disc look with dual disc braking power. For riders who want to take this option, Arlen Ness has a stainless steel brake line kit available specifically for this application.
The Ness 49mm fork boots are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and replace the stock lower fork covers on Softail as well as Touring models. The Retro style is offered in chrome, black anodized or black anodized with diamond cut edges, while the Deep Cut style is available in standard length and a plus 2in length for bikes fitted with large diameter wheels or longer than stock fork tubes. The Deep Cut finish options are chrome or black anodized. 
For riders that have made the change to a larger front wheel Arlen Ness has its Wrapper front fenders available to suit 21in, 23in and 26in wheels. Buyers have the choice of material for the Wrapper fenders. The carbon composite construction is said to be half the weight of a steel fender but retains the same strength. The company’s standard composite fenders are constructed from fiberglass materials that are cured in a computer controlled oven over a wide heat range for durability and strength. The fenders, which are supplied ready to paint, are available for FLT, FLST and FXST models. 

Continuing with the big wheel theme Arlen Ness has Big Brake floating rotor kits for 2014 Touring models. The kits, which utilize the stock caliper and hose, include an oversized floating rotor and billet brake caliper adapter and necessary hardware, and the 14in offset rotor has been designed for all ’14 Touring models with 19in factory wheels. The kits will also work with any aftermarket wheel 17in or larger.

Remaining at the front of the bike, Arlen Ness has windshield trim in a choice of Deep Cut, Beveled or Slot Track styles to fit ‘96-‘13 FLHT, FLHTC, FLHTCU, FLHX and ‘14 FLT models. Machined from billet aluminum the trim is finished in either chrome or black anodizing and once installed provides a clean transition between fairing and windshield.

Machined from billet 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the Ness brake arm kits feature a brake arm that is splined at the mounting point to allow the rider to adjust the angle of the arm. There is also the choice of standard and E-Z reach lengths. Standard length is 1in longer than stock brake arms, whereas E-Z Reach length is 1in shorter than stock to accommodate shorter riders. Available for ‘97-‘14 FLT, ‘00-‘14 FLST and FXST, ‘03-‘14 FXDWG, and ‘08-‘14 FXDB models, the arms can be ordered in Deep Cut & Radius styles, with Deep Cut including a billet Deep Cut shift peg. Radius styles do not include a shift peg to allow the use of any aftermarket shift peg.

CNC machined billet aluminum is also used in the construction of the Arlen Ness heel/toe shifter kits, which are also splined to allow angle adjustment. Like the brake arms they are offered in Deep Cut and Radius styles and standard and E-Z Reach lengths for use on ‘97-‘14 FLT and ‘00-‘14 FLST models.
A second shifter option is the Deep Cut Solo shift kit. Designed to offer more foot room on the floorboard, the shifter is adjustable and 1in longer than stock. It is Deep Cut style only to fit ‘97-‘14 FLT, FLST and FXD models.

Along with styling options for Touring models Arlen Ness also has performance upgrades available and among these is a version of its Big Sucker air cleaner kit. The Big Sucker, which has been in production for over a decade, is said to have been dyno tested to show up to a 21 percent gain in horsepower. A key feature of the design is the one-piece aluminum backing plate with patented hidden breather technology. Each hidden breather is O-ringed at the heads and exits at the mouth of the injector/carb to provide efficient engine breathing, eliminating the need for any external hoses or hardware, and the radius air inlet provides maximum performance by providing unobstructed airflow. The backing plates are available in standard, black powder coat, or chrome finishes. 

The filter element in the Big Sucker is handmade in the USA and supplied pre-oiled and features four layers of surgical grade cotton for optimum filtration and maximum airflow.
Also available is the Inverted Series Air cleaner kit that combines the patented Big Sucker technology with an inverted filter top that is said to maximize airflow by pulling in air from the face of the cleaner, as well as the traditional method of pulling it from the sides.
Like the Big Sucker, a billet aluminum backing plate with hidden breathers is used and the aluminum breather hardware includes specially designed breather bolts and covers for clean mounting.

The filter element of the Inverted Series features synthetic material that never needs oil and is water resistant, eliminating the need for a rain sock. The forged billet aluminum housing has a built-in velocity stack and is offered in the choice of Slot Track, Deep Cut, Beveled or 10-Gauge styles and chrome or black anodized finishes.
Designed to match the Inverted Series air cleaner, the Arlen Ness billet horn kit is offered in the same selection of styles and in three versions, each with specific mounting kits for use on ‘91-‘14 Big Twin, ‘91-‘14 XL and universal fitment. Manufactured with a forged billet aluminum housing with stainless steel mesh insert, the horns are said to be capable of 110dB.

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