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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Aeromach USA

Indian parts prove a success for Aeromach

AEROMACH produces a wide range of parts and accessories for Victory motorcycles, and when Polaris publicly released new Indian motorcycles, Aeromach owner Paul Aiken acquired a Chief Classic with a view to accessorizing it.
“The first thing I noticed on the test ride of the new bike was the lack of a heel shift lever,” said Aiken, “and many riders, especially those coming off Harley-Davidsons, were accustomed to shifting up through the gears with their heel.” 

This oversight on Indian’s part led to Aiken developing a heel shifter for Indian motorcycles. Demand was so high for the part that the delivery time stretched to six weeks. To meet the demand, a second CNC milling machine was added to produce the parts more quickly. Once the parts are machined they are hand- polished and chrome plated, adding four weeks to the production time. “We had a waiting list of over 150 heel shifters at one point, and we were running the machines all day long just to meet the demand. It took Indian Motorcycles until August of this year to release their version of the shift lever, but demand for the Aeromach version remains high. Ours fits the floorboard better and allows riders more room to move their feet around on the floorboards. We even got an order from an Indian Motorcycle employee because he likes our version better,”  Aiken reported.
Following the debut of the 2015 Indian Motorcycle line at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the release of the new Indian Scout, Aiken said: “We have another blank canvas to design parts for and we are looking forward to making parts for the Scout as soon as we can get our hands on one.” 

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