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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lauge Jensen Engineering

Lauge Jensen Engineering 1800cc/111" S&S EURO 4 'Sleipnir' v-twin builder package to be launched at INTERMOT

Back in May we reported on the impending availability of the Lauge Jensen Engineering/S&S 111" fuel injected engines that meet the upcoming EURO 4 emissions standards.

The engine is now ready to ship and available straight away for builders, customizers and volume manufacturers for the 2015 season. With testing and development work undertaken both at S&S' own facility at Viola, Wisconsin, and at TÜV Automotive in Pfungstadt, Germany, the much more stringent EURO 4 regulations involve running the engine for at least 1,000km (the efficiency of catalytic converters declines with use) and rolling road simulation of various riding situations and engine behaviors. At the time of our May feature, Uffe Lauge Jensen, who established the company in 2008, told us that in addition to complete bikes (bespoke and volume production), the plan was to offer the engine to custom bike builders and manufacturers in Europe for one-off and volume use.
The latest news is that Lauge Jensen Engineering is now ready to start marketing the engine and plans to give the program its public debut in Europe at the AMD World Championship at INTERMOT (September 29th - October 5th), under the 'Sleipnir' motor brand. Norse mythology has it that Sleipnir was Odin's immensely powerful and fast eight-legged horse! The EURO 4 regulations come into effect on January 1st 2016 and Uffe told AMD that "being the first with EURO 4 may not be a primary concern for some customers, but it will give owners the reassurance that their bike is future-proof and ahead of the rest in terms of its low emissions output."

Lauge Jensen designed its own catalytic converter exhaust system, which Uffe says "we calibrated specifically to the cat/chassis set-up. As builders and volume producers start planning already for bikes that will need to be road legal in 2016, the time is right for us to start getting the message into the market, and now is certainly the time for customizers to start planning for this next stage in Europe's regulations. "As v-twin performance market leaders S&S are the obvious and best manufacturer for us to have partnered with on this project, and their reputation, experience and expertise means that custom bike builders and those planning series production can be assured that their customers will be compliant straight away." In working to meet the new standards the importance of the exhaust system and catalytic converters cannot be overstated since the 50% increase in the number and duration of rolling road test cycles demanded for certification will expose marginal design and engineering faults. Speaking about their collaboration with Lauge Jensen when the 'Viking' concept was unveiled in the spring, S&S said that they were " uniquely positioned to support our customer and help develop a package that is not only efficient and clean, but retains the character and sound that riders want from an air-cooled v-twin." Uffe Lauge Jensen went on to say “the new '1-eleven Squarehead' Sleipnir motor is mean, lean and green! "At first meeting the restrictions of the EURO 4 regulations impacted drastically on the power and noise characteristics, but by careful development of the internals and fuel injection software, the package we have created restored the 'feel' and sound as well as delivering a powerful result, enjoyable riding experience, and improved fuel consumption."