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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Wood Performance

Alpha Series Twin Cam lifters

These new US made Knight Prowler Alpha Series lifters from Wood Performance are made using Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology, a precision process involving sparks from a travelling wire electrode to remove material rather than drill bits etc.

The result is tolerances that can be held to .00007" which, among the many advantages, has allowed the oil in a patented pressurized oil system to be pressure fed at a 45 degree angle to the axel lifter bearing - both sides of the lifter bearings are pressure fed by two oil ports spraying oil directly on the needle bearings - with oil provided to the top end and rocker arms 25% faster with 10% more oil.

Designed by performance legend Bob Wood, they are a direct replacement for all Twin Cam engines and many other new features including new lifter cup, piston cup and check valve for "performance like a solid lifter, but with anti-pump up hydraulic operation."
The company also has new Knight Prowler hydraulic roller lifters available, made exclusively for EVO engines, featuring a new Load Divider lifter bearing, race designed to distribute an even load across the cam lobes for reduced heat and stress.