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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Maxima Racing Oils

Maxima fork and XL gear/chain oils

Santee, California based Maxima Racing Oils, blenders of high-performance mineral, semi and fully synthetic engine oils specifically formulated for high-performance v-twin applications, also offers dealers access to a full range of v-twin specific drivetrain and service oils.

Their V-twin Sportster Gear and Chain Case oil is a high quality, mineral based formulation, recommended and specifically engineered for use in 1971 and newer XR and XL models where the transmission and primary chain case share a common lubricant.
Extreme pressure additives and surface-active chemistry "protect against shock loads and allow smooth shifting under peak loads and rpms", according to the company. The "robust formula resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown of the oil, while ultra-clean detergents protect the gears from wear, deposits and allow for trouble-free operation."
Also seen here, Maxima's V-Twin Fork Oil is described as a blend of premium quality "ultra-pure base oils and surface-active additives that provide excellent lubricity, control foaming and protect the suspension system against corrosion."

The pressures and temperatures that motorcycle forks generate demand advanced oil technology, and Maxima say their "Special 'Lubricinol' formula conditions seals and protect moving parts and reduce 'stiction' to enhance fork performance over a wide range of operating temperatures."
Founded in 1979 and highly regarded for the race and off-road/dirt bike oil expertise that has helped them engineer "robust and technically advanced" v-twin specific formulations, Maxima added new products to the line and updated their v-twin program branding and graphics in 2014. The range is sold through distributors, including Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited, Biker's Choice/Tucker Rocky and Western Power Sports.