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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Throttle Addiction

Throttle Addiction handlebars


Throttle Addiction's Tee handlebars are designed to "put you in a tight, aggressive riding position." Manufactured in 1# O.D. by .120" wall seamless 4130 chromoly tubing, they are fully TIG welded over precision-cut mitred joints with 1/2" by 13 T.P.I. threaded bungs. They have 3.5" on center mounting for standard Harley-Davidson (and other) triple trees and are non-dimpled for use with aftermarket hand controls or OE items with slight modifications to the stock electrical switch housings for wire fitment.
The slight 2" pullback is said to relax the wrists for a more comfortable grip. They come 30" wide, but can be narrowed to approximately 20" for those who like to "keep it skinny." They are 8" tall and have a 10" gripping area and come gloss black powder-coated.

Also seen here are their classic-style "rabbit ear" pullback handlebars for a comfortable, relaxed riding position on raked-out choppers or stock rake motorcycles.
The materials and manufacturing specifications for these show chrome-plated bars are the same, but they are 22" wide, 10" tall, have a 9.5" gripping area and 11" pullback.