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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wimmer Custom Cycle

Wimmer air cleaner parts for Indian Thunder Stroke motorWimmer Custom Cycle, a business known for specializing in custom air intakes, has brought its knowledge to bear on the ’14-’16 Indian Chief Thunder Stroke motor with the introduction of a range of air cleaner parts.
The Wimmer parts line for Indians includes its classic round, high flow air cleaner. The complete air cleaner kit is shifted inwards, making the entire profile 1in narrower for increased rider comfort, and it features an advanced billet aluminum back plate that houses the throttle body. Sandwiched between billet aluminum plates is a deep pleated re-usable air filter, which is available in five standard colors and features dry filter technology, requiring no oiling. 

Wimmer is also offering the option of two different billet aluminum front covers with a choice of either the 111 script cover, available in chrome or re-machined black, or a solid cover, also available in chrome or black. 

Alongside the classic round air cleaner, Wimmer Custom Cycle also has the new KoldAir intake. Available in a multitude of options, this forward facing air cleaner was adapted from the Harley-Davidson market to be available for the Indian Chief Thunder Stroke motor.

Customization options on KoldAir include five different breather variants. The Super Filter, Spike and Ultra Sucker all feature Wimmer’s exclusive high flow reusable dry cotton air filter. The Super Sucker and Super Sucker Bobber have a forward facing velocity stack, while still providing superior protection and increased air flow.