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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ikon Suspension

Shocks with rising-rate springs

Ikon has developed a range of rear shocks designed to upgrade Harley-Davidson 883 and 1200 Sportsters.

Traditionally styled to suit the Sportster's looks, 7610 Series shocks have a triple rate progressive spring that is said to adapt to different loads. Ikon say that most standard springs are designed for 'full bump load' so they will cope with maximum suspension travel while the bike is carrying maximum weight, which makes them quite unforgiving under more normal conditions.
However, the company says that their progressive springs have a rising rate, so that they move more easily over smaller bumps.
Preload can be adjusted to three settings improving handling and comfort, but Ikon also offer four-position rebound damping adjustment, which can be altered by hand.
The 7610 Series shocks come with either eye or clevis mounts, in a choice of black or chrome bodies and springs and with or without covers.