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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

EU motorcycle registrations

EU motorcycle registrations +9.3 percent to November 2015

According to the most recent data released by ACEM, the Brussels based international motorcycle industry trade association (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles), powered two- and three-wheeler registrations continued to increase in the EU during the first eleven months of 2015, at +3.9%.

A total of 1,151,657 units were registered in the EU during the first eleven months of 2015, +4.4%.
In motorcycle terms, cumulative registrations grew by +9.3% during the first eleven months of 2015 on a year-on year basis, 846,087 units.
Year-on-year motorcycle registrations increased in most key European markets, namely Spain (124,020 units, +18.0%), the UK (100,775 units, +15.6%), Italy (167,035 units, +9.8%), Germany (146,862 units, +6.1%). Motorcycle registrations decreased in France (145,303 units, -0.8%).
Motorcycle registrations in Europe's five largest markets (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK) accounted for some 88 percent of EU new motorcycle registrations for the first eleven months of 2015.
ACEM's 2014 annual data shows total EU motorcycle registrations at 798,328 units (up by some 60,000 units over 2013) and at 842,203 units for EU and EFTA markets combined (also some 60,000 units up on 2013).