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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

W&W Cycles

W&W Cannonball replica parts

Knucklehead 'Lightning' cam 

This is a precise reproduction of the factory cam as used in 61" OHV Knuckleheads 1936-1939. All measurements and specs were taken from an original example. It features the distinctive six lightening holes in the gear - hence the nickname of "Light(e)ning" cam! Made in steel in Germany, it fits all Knucklehead 61" and 74" models and years.

'41 - '47 Knucklehead crankcases 

These reproduction crankcases are CNC machined for "strength and precise fitment." Intended to work with stock or identically constructed engine components, they are finished and detailed like the original counterparts. For ease of installation both case halves are carefully matched and feature pre-installed case bushing which are line-bored and lapped for standard rollers. Cam bushings are already in place, reamed to standard size.
The selection includes cases with a smooth, uniform glass bead-blasted finish and cases with a NOS (new old stock) finish. The latter means the finished cases are not bead-blasted but treated in a traditional process, which gives them the appearance of new factory cases that had been sitting on the shelf for 50 years and are "perfect for those patina restorations."
All cases are made in Germany and feature laser-engraved CB production numbers, which are registered and filed. They are also available for '37 - '48 Flatheads and '48 - '52 Panheads.

OHV gear set

This gear set for Knuckle and early Panhead engines replaces all the old and worn components (except for the camshaft) - the pinion gear, breather gear, circuit breaker drive gear with stud, screw and spacer, the generator idler gear with stud, screw and
Spacer, oil pump drive gear (5 t), oil pump driven gear (25 t), gear shaft bearing seal and gear shaft spring. All components are precision-machined to factory specs for 1936 - 1953 Knuckleheads and Panheads.