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Tuesday, 12 July 2016


JIMS tools for Indian models

Proud recipients of benchmark-of-excellence ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001:2008 certification in recognition of their manufacturing and quality control procedures, Camarillo, California based JIMS USA is bringing their renowned lifetime warranty backed specialty tools for American motorcycles experience to the fast growing Indian brand.

In conjunction with their fork spring compressor, these new fork compression sockets, designed to work on the new Indian Scout, allow for safe fork disassembly, without launching parts around the shop! Mating with the dampener cartridge, they prevent rotation when installing or removing the bottom fork bolt.
Both sockets are necessary when servicing forks on 2015-present Indian Scout models. JIMS say this is a lifetime warranty backed improvement on the OEM tool, which has some fitment issues, and that as an added bonus they also work on 2017-present Victory Octane models.

JIMS flywheel (rotor) puller is similar to the OEM tool, but incorporating a design change to ensure good and solid engagement when using the puller. This subtle change might eliminate potential damage to the flywheel when used in this application.

There is a water pump seal on the new Indian Scout located in the engine case that requires a tool for installation. JIMS say that in testing they discovered an additional seal "hidden below," so have developed a water pump seal(s) installer that installs both seals to the proper location and depth.

Always one of the most important tools in the box, JIMS say that their wheel bearing tool works for Indians as well. All that is needed is the hub protector seen here to do the job correctly without damaging the wheel.