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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

CV Performance

CV Performance celebrates 25th anniversary

Ken Mendelson, owner of CV Performance, is celebrating the 25th anniversary introduction of the original EZ-Just mixture screw.
Exclusively available through CV Performance, the original prototype was first developed in the 1980s to eliminate the need for carburetor removal when making adjustments, and was later adapted when the CV carburetor became the standard on Harleys. The new mixture screw quickly grew in popularity and became known as the EZ-Just 25 years ago.
To date the EZ-Just has been sold around the world, and with over 2.5 million carbureted Harley models produced, demand for the EZ-Just continues. Often imitated but never duplicated, CV Performance “is dedicated to continuing our tradition of making the EZ-Just and our other American made products without jeopardizing quality,” says Ken.
“Adding our EZ-Just mixture screw helps quickly make adjustments whenever changing pipes or intakes, often avoiding the need for a complete rejet. The EZ-Just is sold individually with instructions or, for our authorized dealers and shops, in multi-packs.
CV Performance manufactures a full line of carburetor tuning products and replacement parts for Harley v-twin motorcycles, including their premium accelerator pump diaphragm (available for Harley and S&S carbs), idle speed screw, and their Harley carburetor vacuum slide.
CV Performance is a factory-direct distributor and offers various dealer incentives including seasonal sale items and price matching on select items.