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Monday, 25 July 2016


New JIMS tools for Harley models

Proud recipients of benchmark-of-excellence ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001:2008 certification in recognition of their manufacturing and quality control procedures, Camarillo, California based JIMS USA has several new lifetime warranty backed tools available this year for Harley models.

JIMS new late model neck bearing installation tool for FLH and Tri-Glide models is similar to their early model neck bearing installation tool, but with some key improvements when compared to the OEM tool.  Designed to make easy work of installing the tapered neck bearing races into the steering stem, this tool aligns the races with their bores and presses them in straight and true to their proper depth. 

The popular and effective bleed technology that has made JIMS brake bleeding tool almost ubiquitous has now been applied to hydraulic lifters. A special jar, designed for vacuum, holds up to four hydraulic lifters in a convenient tray. Once vacuum is applied, bubbles can be seen escaping from the lifters until they are completely bled and ready to install. No more abuse of the starting system to pump up the lifters, and no risk of damage to the valve train by running the engine, even at low rpm, when lifters have not been fully bled. For use on Twin Cam and Evo tappets (though it can also be used for many other tappets of similar size and diameter).

This shifter mechanism sleeve remover and installer is a real time-saver for removing and installing the shifter mechanism sleeve in cruise drive Big Twin transmissions. With this new tool, the sleeve (bushing) can be removed and installed correctly without disassembling the transmission, saving hours of labor, paying for itself in one use. For use on 2006 Dyna and all 2007-present Big Twins with 6-speed cruise drive transmission.

The gear shift foot lever/pedal bushings on 5 and 6 speed touring models often have a typical service life of 20,000 miles or less. Bushing wear results in an annoying rattle from the loose shifter, the linkage parts, and accelerated wear of all related parts. JIMS has tackled this problem with another one of Hiro’s new time-saving tools that easily removes both worn bushings at the same time, and quickly installs the new bushings to the proper location without removing the inner primary. Using this tool you can remove and install the bushings in approximately 20 minutes; for use on all 1985-present FLT rubber mount touring models.