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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

W&W Cycle

Latest W&W additions

6V Antigravity Li-Ion


This 6-volt 8-cell Antigravity lithium-Ion battery is lightweight and small enough to fit all horseshoe type oil tanks or early battery boxes. Made for those who ride classic older bikes that run the 6-volt system, it is a very reliable compact replacement for the heavy, large 6-volters of the past. It can hold a charge for up to a year provided there are no drains and can be installed in any orientation; it is only meant to power the ignition, not to run a starter motor; 110mm wide x 85mm high x 60mm deep; net weight 700 g; 55.2 Wh energy rating; adhesive backed foam mats.

Bates 'BattBoy' battery box


Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will appreciate this fact. On the other hand, owners of classic bikes do like the looks of their original energy store and the corresponding cover and mounts. With a Bates 'Battboy' battery jar you can have the best of both worlds, because what looks like a period type HM5 6V accumulator on the outside can house a safe, modern battery within. Just hook it with two eyelet wires to the terminals on the bottom of the lid and you are all set. Perfect also for 6 to 12 volt electrical system conversions. When using suitable Antigravity versions you even have some storage room left for a few small spare parts. Made in lightweight, durable ABS plastic it is available for OEM style horseshoe oil tanks, for singles 1929-1936, 750cc 1929-1963, OHV Big Twin 1936-1964, SV Big Twin 1937-1948.

LC Fabrications battery trays


Polished, universal mount battery carriers for Antigravity lithium-ion batteries, machined from 6061 billet aluminum to withstand vibrations. Mount anywhere you choose, in any position, using the supplied screws.

Bates fuel valve conversion kit


This period look fuel valve conversion kit for the 1940-1965 thru-the-tank gas valve is made in Germany in cadmium plated steel and helps prevent the fuel valve leaks that often occur due to distorted tanks and misaligned fuel valves on classic gas tanks. The insert replaces the stock valve seat and accepts most 1/8" NPT petcocks on the bottom, including the early factory version. The rod is omitted, the crossover line can be retained; with the included cap you can close the top of the tank.

Vance & Hines Power Dual headers


With integrated V&H Power Chamber to generate more horsepower and torque than stock, they feature full heat shielding with 220° coverage. The right-side design eliminates the left-side passenger heat issues, routing hot exhaust gases below the footpeg and protecting vital engine components and side covers. Fitted with 12/18mm oxygen sensor ports for a seamless stock upgrade, they are available black, ceramic-coated or chrome-plated for 2009-2015 Touring models.

HMB shifter ratchet


Available for stock 3-speed or custom 4-speed transmissions, this shifter mechanism allows conversion of 45 cui 1937-1973 Flathead hand shifters to foot shift or to a Jockey shifter. Made in Germany in zinc plated steel, it basically works like a ratchet-top on Big Twin models so that after each shift all involved levers return to their home position ready for the next gear change. In addition to the ratchet, each kit comes with a ball joint, clevises and various mounting parts (shifter rods and shift levers not included).

Belt optimizer pulley


Introduced by the factory in 1980 on the Sturgis model, the belt optimizer pulley has a great advantage over solid pulleys. The integrated rubber cushions of the 1-1/2" belt optimizer pulley are shock compensating and reduce the stress on the belt under hard acceleration, when riding slow in high gear or when downshifting - extending the service life of the primary belt. This 41-tooth 1-1/2" aluminum, steel and stainless steel replacement and upgrade kit for 1955-1999 Big Twins comes with stainless steel guard disc, 46 mm sprocket shaft nut and puller tool.