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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Zipper’s Performance Products

Zipper’s Muscle 107” kit

ZIPPER’S newest big bore kit is its Muscle 107” kit, which has been designed for Twin Cam engines from ’07 onward.

The company states that it has put together a package of parts offering optimized compression, porting, camshaft design and inlet flow, which has been tested by dyno and real world riding. This statement is backed by claims of a peak power of 120hp and over 100 ft/lbs of torque from below 3,000rpm to above 6,000rpm.

Each Muscle 107 kit includes CNC ported cylinder heads, forged 3.937in bore domed pistons, Red Shift cams and dual piston cam chain tensioners, Axtell oil bypass valve, Pro-Taper pushrods, gaskets, high flow injectors and MaxFlow air cleaner assembly with a pre-programmed ThunderMax EFI controller. 

Throttle-by-wire models require the separate purchase of a H-D Screamin’ Eagle 58mm throttle body.

Elkridge, Maryland, USA
Tel: 410 579 2828