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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Flathead Power

Flathead Power returns ownership to Anders Nygren

S&S Cycle Inc. has transferred (at no cost) the ownership of the Flathead Power brand back to the original founder, Anders Nygren of Sweden. “We decided to discontinue using Flathead Power as a brand for our vintage product line about a year ago to consolidate our branding under the S&S Cycle name. We still owned the Flathead Power trademark but had no plans to use it, so we decided to give it back to Anders,” said S&S President Paul Langley.

“The happiness when Bruce and Eric called and told me that I could have my old company name back was overwhelming,” said Anders. “To be able to again use what once was the start of over 20 years of production - the first 12 in Sweden, and the rest in the US. Flathead Power, just a name, means a lot to me and my family. My son Magnus was born in ‘95, Flathead Power started in ‘93, so he grew up with this. I can only take my hat off and say, thank you S&S Cycle and the guys involved.”

Anders started Flathead Power in Sweden in the ‘93, mainly to provide impossible to find parts for his own vintage race bikes. He built the business into an internationally known source for quality reproduction and performance engine parts for vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
By late ’04 Flathead Power made the move to the US when Anders was approached by a US machine shop looking to expand its operation. Unfortunately, the planned expansion failed to materialize and by ’07 S&S had bought up the Flathead Power name and assets.
“Some folks might question the business wisdom of helping a guy who might eventually become a competitor in the vintage market, but sometimes business decisions need to be influenced by what’s right, and what’s fair, rather than just what’s best for the bottom line,” said Paul Devine S&S Vice President of Sales and Marketing.