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Friday, 8 May 2015


Paughco Special Springers

PAUGHCO is marketing its new Special Springers as a low-cost option for custom bike builders. They feature sandblasted steel components and a welded-only finish, no polishing and solid half round rear legs for a no frills hand crafted appearance.

Paughco is offering the Special Springers in lengths including standard 27in and plus 3in for 30in overall. There is also the choice of narrow and wide widths. The front ends are available in gloss black, textured satin black, or red powder paint with tumble finish, chrome springs and rocker studs. Additionally, each unit comes with a standard top clamp and dual brake tabs for single or dual discs. Optional items such as axles, fender mounts and shocks are offered at additional cost.

Carson City, Nevada, USA
Tel: 775 246 5738