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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wiseco Piston

Wiseco 131ci pistons

WISECO has developed 131ci pistons, which will produce a 2,150cc displacement Twin Cam motor, in-house to create the maximum amount of power and torque, with claimed figures of over 116hp and 132ft lb.  

Wiseco uses dedicated forging to produce the strong and yet lightweight pistons, which are treated with ‘ArmorPlating’ coating to defend against detonation for more sustained power and a longer lasting build. The pistons also have ‘ArmorGlide’ skirt coating to minimize friction and maximize horsepower.  

The 131ci pistons, which are available with -8.6cc dome volume or -11.3cc dome volume, are compatible with Screamin’ Eagle 110+ and 120R cylinder heads, and the rings are compatible with either Nikasil plated or cast iron cylinders. 

Mentor, Ohio, USA
Tel: 440 951 6600