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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

J&M Corporation

J&M integrated helmet head-set kits

J&M Corporation has created integrated headsets designed specifically to fit many leading brand full face and flip-up/modular helmets.

Seen here on Nolan's Evo-tech flip-up J&M headset kits are available for including premium products from manufacturers such as Arai, Schuberth and HJC.
he kits features J&M’s high-output AeroMike III miniature boom microphone (tuned for use with all motorcycle audio systems), two wide-fidelity miniature helmet speakers in stereo (sized specifically to fit the speaker depressions built into the Nolan helmets), integrated headset mounting system and the upper section (only) of the J&M P-series eight-pin right-angle hook-up cord.

J&M states that the headsets can be connected to any factory installed motorcycle audio system, now and in the foreseeable future, just by interchanging the lower-section hook-up cord. Hook-up cords are available to work with Harley-Davidson ‘98–‘15 seven-pin and ’89-’97 five-pin system, ’08-’15 Victory seven-pin systems, and J&M’s ‘80–‘00 five-pin system, ‘99–‘15 six-pin system and ‘99–‘15 six-pin system with inline volume control.

Tucson, Arizona, USA
Tel: 520 624 7000