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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


TecMate new product blitz continues

Internationally respected battery charger, maintenance system and accessory manufacturer TecMate has already unveiled several new products this year. Now their “innovation blitz” continues with a whole range of new products and updates to established top-sellers due for unveiling at this year’s INTERMOT Expo at Cologne, Germany, in October, many of which are already available.

Their popular and powerful OptiMate 6 and 7 Select now features a unique touch sensor button that allows 14.4 or 14.7V charge voltage selection to set up multi-step, temperature compensated charging for guaranteed power delivery from modern AGM batteries. The 13.6V DC power supply supports the battery during extended troubleshooting, with a number of software updates provided to ensure operational stability.

The most powerful product in the state-of-the-art OptiMate Lithium line-up, the OptiMate LFP Select delivers an Ampmatic controlled charge of 9.5A at 12.8V or 7.5A at 16V for those racers who want to squeeze every drop of power from their ignition system. 

The OptiMate MONITOR O-126 fits the standard cigar/auto sockets that are found on KTM, Yamaha and Harley-Davidson motorcycles and many ATVs. The 4 LED smart monitor indicates battery status during storage and confirms vehicle charging system operation while the engine is running.
Martin Human, TecMate’s CEO, says: “As a company that designs all our own products, we know that new introductions and continuous improvement is essential in keeping us ahead of the game. We have over the years introduced many new concepts into powersport, some of which have become the ‘go to’ products in their sector. It’s not only my opinion, ask our customers, including those who co-brand our OptiMate products”!