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Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Motorcycle lift tool and lubricant tray

Motorcycle lifts are typically just big enough to hold the bike and get it up to a convenient level to perform service.  There is little space to keep tools, parts, fluids, chemicals and sealants organized.  Even with a rollaway tool box, the limited area on the lift base can become cluttered and disorganized.  

This patent pending, durable, U.S.A. made powder-coated steel lift tray from JIMS USA can keep parts and tools separated along with other necessary items.  Easily installed by simply drilling two 7/16” holes at the edge of your lift, the tray is conveniently removable, so tools and lubricants can be brought back and forth to your workbench. 
By drilling more than one set of holes, the tray can be used in multiple locations.  For use on Handy brand and most other bike lifts with a 4” edge.