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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Belt Drives Ltd.

New BDL options

Anaheim, California based manufacturer Belt Drives Ltd. (BDL) continues to add new product designs and applications at an impressive rate.
These new, black 2” open drives are specifically designed for owners of 1970 to 1978 Shovelheads.  They are complete packages, and in addition to their popular 2” belt and new guard, each kit includes BDL’s ball bearing lock-up pressure plate and proprietary Kevlar clutch. 

The Shovelhead kit features BDL’s unique side guard, rear clutch cover and mini-starter housing, clutch assembly, application-specific belt and drive components.
The new pressure plates seen here are said to “noticeably improve positive feel at the lever. The redesigned plates ensure a flawless release onto the clutch pack and enhanced lock-up.” They are available as upgrades for 1990-up open belt drive kits using the standard cable system and 2014-up drives with the stock hydraulic clutch. Both of these are adaptable to BDL’s 1990–up belt drive kits that use the standard pressure plates. Upgraded plates require the use of a new diaphragm spring and two additional shoulder bolts; the plates, spring and collar are available individually.

The new 2" wide open belt drive system kits also seen here (for Touring and Softail models from 2007-up) feature a unique 2-piece motor plate design and come with a 52-69 pulley combination for a primary drive ratio of 1.326:1. The primary belt profiles and assemblies are unique to each model.
The front pulley face and new larger spring collar have matching patterns, and the front pulley is angle-cut and counter-bored for a super clean open look. The 6-bolt diaphragm clutch configuration is new and provides a more positive feel, while improving the overall appearance. The kits come with a custom side and top guard along with a new aggressive open dome. 

Additionally, the spring and collar have been enhanced in order to provide more positive lock-up for those big inch, high-horsepower, high-torque engines. All kits have BDL's patented "BPP" ball bearing pressure plate. Touring models come with 2 different length screw-in shift shaft cones, one for heel and toe shifters and the other for toe shift machines. There’s also a new custom center clutch pushrod. Available in black, chrome, polished and wrinkle black finishes.