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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

James Gaskets

Derby cover gaskets for slimline primaries

Well known gasket specialist James Gaskets has added to its Foamet gasket range with these new aluminum Foamet derby cover gaskets for 2014 and up Touring bikes with the factory’s recently introduced slimline primaries.

Precision-manufactured in stiff chemical and heat tolerant aluminum, the cross-linked Foamet Nitrile synthetic rubber is chemically blown to create a soft, conformable layer that is permanently bonded to the SAE 5052 H38 aluminum core.
The Foamet compresses, providing excellent torque retention sealability, with no additional sealants required.
Founded in 1979, and still under family ownership at its 46,000 sq ft, Dayton, Nevada facility, James Gaskets has always been well known for its investment in materials research and use of the best available metals and sealant techniques for the applications concerned.
In the case of James Gaskets' Nitrile Foamet technology (or Nitrile Butadiene Rubber - NBR - to give its full technical name),  it delivers good overall resistance to oils and the chemical 'packages' usually included in modern day oil formulas.
It also delivers excellent heat resistance with the added advantage of superior conformance to the sealing surfaces found in OE and aftermarket v-twin primaries and improved tolerance of the lower clamping loads used in v-twins.
James offers gaskets, seals and kits for most applications on all Harley-Davidson models from 1936 to present - its popular gasket boards are widely regarded as a workshop credential and hallmark of service excellence.