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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Motorcycle Storehouse

More in the Storehouse

Lowbrow fenders
Dutch distributor Motorcycle Storehouse has added to its inventory with news lines, including these Lowbrow StingRay fenders, in steel or aluminum, with the subtle 'Lowbrow Customs' stamped branding in combination with the center rib. Available in 43/4, 6 and 7 inch widths.

Schott NYC leather jackets

Founded in New York by Irving Schott in 1913, Schott were the originators of the ubiquitous black leather motorcycle jacket. The first to use zippers in jackets in 1920, Schott designed the all-time classic Perfecto biker jacket in 1928, which is still in production today. Famously worn by Marlon Brando in the 'The Wild One' in 1953, other iconic wearers have included James Dean, The Ramones, Joan Jett and more.
Other famous Schott designs have included the classic 1940s flying jacket made for the United States airforce, and today the fourth generation Schott family is running a company where much has changed, except for their relentless pursuit of quality with products that are still handmade in their New York factory by American craftsmen and women.

48mm Velona color-changer instruments
ECE approved, with a button for interchangeable white, blue and orange LED illumination, the digital speedometer display on these Velona color-changer instruments are switchable between kmh/mph and offer speedo, odometer, two individual trip meters, maximum speed and volt meter. 

All adjustments are made with two buttons on the back of the speedometer housing. Complete with universal bracket. If no speedo sensor output is available, one can be ordered separately; the tachometers are connected to the ignition coil. The instruments are water resistant; rubber mounting is advised on some bikes to help avoid excessive vibration.