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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

TAB Performance

B.A.M. Sticks for MY2017 Tourers

Congratulations to Lincoln, Nebraska based TAB Performance – officially the first aftermarket vendor to hit the AMD team with a new product release for the 2017 Harleys!
“If you want BAD ASS mufflers with BAD ASS sound for the new 2017 Touring models, then look no further than TAB Performance B.A.M. Sticks,” says TAB’s Justin Pflanz.

These new 4-inch slip-ons will “turn heads and leave people saying those are some Bad Ass mufflers,” according to Justin.
“The sound and performance you will receive from these pipes are unmatched. Crafted with the same TAB Performance quality and backed by our legendary customer service, you can’t go wrong.  These exhausts have the same infamous deep, throaty sound that TAB is known for and even come with a removable baffle core, allowing you to choose just how loud you like your exhaust.

“As for performance, you can expect to see double digit gains in horsepower on a stock bike when properly tuned.” Available in both chrome and black, Justin went on to say that “unlike the ceramics commonly used by other manufacturers, our cermet finish is a two-coat process creating superior heat and abrasion resistance qualities, and is the exact same finish used by H-D, allowing you to easily obtain heat shields from your local dealer that will match perfectly with our exhaust. “