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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Carlson Company

Motorized tire changer with 28" wheel option

Introduced in 2005, the COATS RC-200/EX is one of the most popular tire changers on the market. Now with added quantities of protective pieces including 10 tire iron sleeves, 2 bead loosener shoe socks, 4 wheel grippers and 4 duck-head protective inserts, it can service virtually any motorcycle/ATV tire and wheel application "including the big, wide and tough to service tires found on today’s custom bikes," says Andy Carlson of motorcycle workshop equipment specialist The Carlson Company of Rancho Santa Margarita in California.
Offering a "RoBo Arm" that mechanically assists the mounting and de-mounting of stiff side wall and low profile tires, the American made design features newly developed custom engineered, 3-position motorcycle rim clamps that provide extra clearance for sprockets and your choice of three optimized positions. "The RC-200 EX can clamp rims up to 23" in standard configuration, and they work just as well for smaller ATV rims down to 6", so you can handle virtually any wheel that rolls in," says Andy.
For larger wheels additional clamps are available as an option that will accommodate up to 28" diameter wheels and handle the 330 and 360 series tires.

Optimized for motorcycle wheels with a contoured pad and back-up system, the superior bead loosening has two positions for wide chopper tires or very narrow tires to minimize the risk of wheel damage during service. The manual drop center aid further reduces the effort needed for tough tires, and the design provides complete protection for expensive, delicate wheels with bead loosener socks, clamp booties and lift tool protection, helping to prevent the metal-to-metal contact that causes scratching or marring.
It handles narrow and wide tires with ease, and the new gear reduction turntable protects expensive rims and gives the operator more torque at lower rpms for more precise control over larger installs. The new rim clamp pressure control system indicates the amount of pressure being applied to the motorcycle rim. Pressure can be adjusted with onboard regulator.