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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Design Engineering Inc

Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve

Avon Lake, Ohio based thermal and sound control specialist Design Engineering Inc. has introduced a new high performance line and hose sleeving. Their Titanium 'Protect-a-sleeve' adds a layer of protection along with a classy custom look to critical hoses and electrical wires that are vulnerable to the weather, abrasion and impact damage - regardless of how high quality the manufacturer’s sleeving technology may be.

This kit is great for use on ignition wires, oil lines, fuel lines and control cables, utilizing a unique braiding pattern, this 1/2“ ID sleeve can be expanded up to 1” to easily fit over existing fittings or larger diameter hoses. The basalt based material is very flexible, so sharp bends and angles are no problem.
Each universal kit includes 4ft of 1/2” diameter Titanium sleeving and ten pre-cut premium heat shrink ends.