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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Ciro mufflers and patent-pending 'Tri-Bar' air cleaners

More new parts and accessory designs released by Hudson, Wisconsin based Ciro include further air cleaner designs, featuring a new high-flow, ultra-low profile filter element made for Ciro to their own specifications. 

Ciro's TT mufflers feature double all construction to eliminate the blueing and chrome discoloration that is common with other megaphone designs

Seen here in black and chrome, Ciro's patent-pending Tri-Bar design is said to be a full one and a quarter inches thinner than stock, but they are said to nonetheless "flow significantly more air than stock air cleaners" and feature improved leg clearance. The re-usable oiled cotton special Tri-Bar filter breaths from the top and both sides to increase air flow.
Also seen here, this patent-pending Ciro throttle body servo cover design will fit over the stock throttle body, servo motor and wiring, and is available for 2008-2013 and 2014 and up FLHT, FLHR, FLHX and FLTR models.

Ciro's patent-pending 'Tri-Bar' air cleaner design features a high-flow, ultra-low profile filter element

Ciro has also extended its range of exhaust options with these 3000 series mufflers and tips, said to offer a "deep and mellow sound" with stainless steel wrapped tuned baffle for "optimum performance." The Megaphone muffler design features a double wall construction that is said to help reduce heat.
The mufflers are available in chrome or black with six different styles of easy-install tips - black billet diffuser, carbon fiber/stainless steel and chrome "cocktail shaker" tips seen here.