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Monday, 1 February 2016


MID-USA 2016 catalog

Hazelwood, Missouri based distributor MID-USA has had a busy 12 months - adding to its extensive own brand range (not least with some new 'antique' style springers we showed in AMD last year), and adding several new third party accessory brands.
At 1,104 pages, their 2016 catalog includes many specialty products that prove that it is the details that matter as much as the big ticket items - additions such as a high-performance and durable stock replacement cam chain tensioner pads for Big Twins, replacement Twin Cam tappet covers, oil pressure switch fittings, inspection covers, sprocket isolator rubbers for touring models, adapters for universal brake lines, complete replacement master cylinder kits for Big Twins and Sportsters, speedometer sensors, monotube fork cartridge kits, fork slider tubes, and lighting and electrical products.
Plus, of course, plenty of those big ticket items - from shock absorbers and slip-ons to front ends and wheels.