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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Biker's Choice

Biker's Choice adds lithium ion batteries to Twin Power program

Described as "one of the most durable and reliable batteries currently on the market, Twin Power’s lithium ion battery provides the user with ultra-high cranking power, but only at a third of the weight of a lead acid battery," with a claimed service life of more than twice that of a conventional lead acid battery.

The battery has a low self-discharge that allows it to be stored up to one year, if required. It is said to be perfect for use in low temperature environments and features a built-in charge and equalizing protection that is said to mean that they can never be over-charged.

The batteries are backed by a two-year warranty and have been constructed with no corrosive liquids or heavy metals, making them ideal for the enthusiast who is concerned about the environment. They are easy to install with heavy-duty terminals already in stock configuration. Superior vibration-resistant construction allows multi-directional installation without damaging the battery. No shimming or adaptors are required for it to fit the factory battery box.