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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

S&S Cycle

S&S Cycle Additions

S&S Cycle, the Viola, Wisconsin based masters of “Proven Performance” had a huge 2018 in new product introduction terms and with 2019 only a few weeks old it shows no signs of letting up any time soon. S&S Marketing VP David Zemla has the scoop …


Updated XL Big Bore Kits

These updated Big Bore Kits for Sportsters are the result of a long, hard look at the already extensive, popular and “solid” product line, and represent a more affordable solution for riders of a bike that, by definition, is a price point purchase.
So, the solution is a more price point appropriate series of components, with each kit still featuring “the same high quality liner wrapped in cast aluminum and including high compression pistons, rings, clips and gaskets.
“Our Hooligan Kit still includes 482 cams, premium tappets and all of our XL kits are available in 1200 cc or 1250 cc.” Available for most 1986-2019 XL models.

M-8 SuperStreet 2-into1 Exhaust System

“Making real power and looking great are often mutually exclusive in the exhaust market. Short tract, shield free systems kill bottom end and melt the boots, while others in the space have a history of questionable bracketry and construction.
“This is where the folks at S&S Cycle have figured it out with their latest SuperStreet two into one system. S&S doesn’t build anything unless it makes power and the SuperStreet does exactly that with 86 hp (+15%) and 110 lb./ft. torque (+10%) out of the new generation of M-8 Softail models.
“Add to that the perfect length and angle, clearing bags, passenger pegs and forwards, plus an adjustable exhaust note via the dB reducer insert and you have the trifecta of power, looks and sound.” Available with S&S designed high flow cat (49 state legal) or as a race-only version in ceramic black or chrome.
“Horsepower (and torque!) are our jam and we never let off the gas. Our latest big bore kits for the M-8 powered H-D models are now rolling out of the building en masse ready to transform your bike into the monster it was meant to be!”

124” Big Bore Kits for 2018-19 Big Twins 

“We love power (and torque!). Raw unadulterated thumping, the kind of power that makes the heart skip a beat - the very stuff S&S Cycle does best.” This obsession with hp and torque is further proven out by the company’s latest efforts for M-8 powered models.
This bolt in 124 cubic inch (that’s over 2000 cc) Big Bore Kit “is just this side of being a monster - taking the stock 107 ci engine from a respectable 92 hp to a tire melting 125+ hp (and that’s with stock heads and throttle body!).
“We can’t wait to roll the throttle on one of these things! If you’re a touring guy running two up and realize torque is what really matters then how about 135 ft lbs of pure twisting force (a +22% increase over stock) that will transform your next,throttle onto the highway move into an authoritative launch.” The S&S Big Bore kit is also available for 114 ci models, and pushes them to a solid 12 8ci - both versions come in at 11.1 compression.

Iconic Teardrop gets a Stealth Makeover

Born in 1975 and arguably the most recognized big twin air cleaner on the planet, the classic S&S Cycle Teardrop looks as much at home on a knuckle as it does on a 2019 Bagger - and S&S says it just made it even better. 

Easy to install, easy to clean and in most cases CARB approved, the Stealth Air Cleaner has long been a staple for high performance induction (up to 6 hp gain on the M-8), but Zemla says that the one thing it was missing was the full size teardrop cover (several exposed filter styles and a mini version of the teardrop are still available for the Stealth) .
“So, we have rectified that by mating our best air cleaner platform with our most popular air cleaner cover, creating the Stealth Teardrop. A tribute to the classic lines of the teardrop that look so right on the side of the bike, combined with the high-tech and high-flow Stealth back plate/air filter to bring the best of both worlds together.”
CARB approved and available for all 1999-2019 Harley-Davidson Big Twin models with an easy install, cover only kits are also available for all existing S&S Stealth systems.