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Tuesday 11 June 2019

Rick's Motorcycles

'Fat Ass' Kit for up to 360 Tires in Stock M-8 Softail Frames

Rick's Motorcycles of Baden-Baden in Germany has this new 'Wide Tire Kit' for M-8 Softail models that eliminates the gearbox and primary relocation, right-side drive gearboxes, frame modifications, and welding work associated with 300 mm conversions - the swingarm fits into the original H-D stock frame, with even a 360 tire running centered.

The power distribution is via an intermediate shaft which sits at the pivot point of the swingarm, allowing the motor and gearbox to stay as one unit, with less strain being created and no suspension forces to adversely affect the belt.
Since the primary box remains in the original location, the footrests don't have to be repositioned and ground clearance and lean angle remain the same as stock. To make mounting easier, the black polished, plastic coated (matt black also available) swingarm is prepared for different options such as drive side brake, original brake caliper and side licence plate.

Rick's wheels are supplied with special hubs for this kit so that the wheel runs centered. With the different versions for the various Softail frames and engines, attention was paid to keep the original transmission.
In addition to the 18" swingarm kit, the system was also adapted for 10.5" x 20" to fit the Avon 280/40 R20 tire. Rick's claims that this is the first complete swingarm kit for a 20" wheel in the OE Softail frame.