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Wednesday 19 June 2019

Rick's Motorcycles

FXDR 114 Accessories by Rick's Motorcycles
For a subtler front indicator solution on the FXDR 114, Rick's new holders allow Kellermann indicators to be fitted. The holder has been optimized for the Kellermann Atto and/or Rhombus indicators and fits perfectly onto the fitting locations of the stock holder. The holders are fully machined, offered in coated matt black and sold in pairs.
Front indicator holder

Rear indicator holder

For the rear, a Rick's holder takes the Kellermann Rhombus 3 into 1, allowing the E-test certificated light to be adjusted according to requirements. Available in a short version (not TÜV legal) and a longer, legal version, with the housing machined from full aluminum. The stainless steel holder and the housing are supplied matt black coated. Sold with the adapter for the legal mount solution, or with the short mount for all non-EU states.
In Europe, if you detach the bar from the rear of the stock FXDR 114, you need to find an alternate fix for the licence plate. Rick’s has developed a machined aluminum licence plate holder which matches the look of the FXDR perfectly. It was constructed according to EU registration rules and should therefore be acceptable to be used EU-wide.
Belt protection

Also included is Rick’s machined base plate with licence plate illumination, which mounts with the holder. The internally machined cable channels allow clean and invisible storage of the necessary connection cables behind the licence plate. The supplied surface is matt black coated. A short licence plate holder with Rick's stainless steel belt guard is also available. No modifications are necessary to the stock swingarm or the fitting points.
Rear fender

Also seen here is a Rick's steel fender for a slimmer rear on the FXDR 114 that hugs the radius of the tire, but is much smaller. The smooth look is emphasized with an additional reinforcement of the edge. The existing fixing points on the bike can be used, so no changes are necessary.