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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Russ Wernimont Design

RWD Shocks

Best known for his fenders and conversion kits, Russ Wernimont drew on his race experience to enter the Harley shock absorber aftermarket in 2018, in partnership with Walker Evans Racing as the manufacturer of his designs.

The two shocks seen here have black anodized aluminum shock bodies, 5/8” stainless steel shafts, high quality Eibach springs, adjustable compression and spring pre-load (to set “sag”) and feature internal bypass technology “for a superior ride.”
The RS1 piggy back coil over shocks have piggy back style reservoirs and are available in 13” or 14” ‘standard’ or ‘heavy duty’ configurations for selected ’99-‘19 Touring models, ‘91-‘17 Dyna, and ’04-‘19 XL applications.

The 13.5” M-8 Softail shock has a remote mount reservoir, and being longer than stock will raise the ride height approximately 1” to 2” depending on the model.