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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Mustang Seats

Mustang’s New HighTail Fastback Raises the Bar

Three Rivers, Massachusetts based Mustang Seats has an updated addition to its popular Fastback series - the all-new HighTail Fastback, featuring “all the comfort that put Mustang on the map in a sporty, low profile package that positions riders lower and 1” further back than the original.”

Available for ‘06-’17 Dyna and ‘08-’19 Touring models, the HighTail provides “a comfortable but aggressive riding position that allows riders to get the most out of their machines. The HighTail’s signature 6” high wall offers exceptional lower back support and keeps riders from sliding back in the saddle, making it perfect for aggressively twisting back the throttle or casually feasting on mile markers. 

“A contoured and low profile 13.5” wide driver bucket positions the operator lower and further back compared to most stock seats, while Mustang’s proprietary controlled-density polyurethane foam provides even weight distribution to eliminate pressure points for long-haul comfort.”
The hand sewn cover is made from premium expanded vinyl; the baseplate is in marine-grade fiberglass. The HighTail for ‘08-’19 H-D Touring models is also available as part of the Dave Perewitz Signature Series by Mustang, which features classic diamond-stitched panels for added style.”