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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

MotorCity V-Twin Expo

MotorCity V-Twin Expo

MotorCity Harley-Davidson (Detroit) has always been a ‘progressive’ store, always looking to try new things and often flying in the face of convention.
Well known for their summer HarleyFest (June 8/9 2019) that can attract up to 10,000 people, which is outstanding for a dealership event weekend, General Manager Craig Collins added a custom dimension to their offer in 2016 with the launch of MotorCity Customs - an already award-winning and successful custom build business-with-the-business.

The entire facility is 106,000 square feet and sits on 12 acres.  The dealership occupies 75,000 square feet of that space, with the remaining area being used for storage and additional tenants 

Craig’s latest venture is equally as inspired, the Motor City V-Twin Expo! Scheduled for February 23, “we hope to grow this into a really cool annual event,” says Craig.  “More grass roots and intimate than a big trade show, my business partner and I bought an old Sam’s building in 2016, which we renovated into a state-of-the-art Harley-Davidson dealership. We’ve got about 30,000 sq ft we can use for the Expo.” 

As of writing, MotorCity already has 10 vendors signed up, including Performance Machine. A live bike build will be going on throughout the day and, being open to the public, MCH-D will offer show pricing specials on all aftermarket product throughout the day with an install-same-day service on parts bought at the expo.

Motor City Harley-Davidson Partner and General Manager Craig Collins’ latest venture,
the Motor City V-Twin Expo is scheduled for February 23

“I started MotorCity Customs the same year we bought the building and have had great success with it.  Unlike most H-D stores that won’t do anything but bolt on H-D product, we are completely the opposite.  Far from being anti-aftermarket we embrace it and value the additional revenue and customization opportunities it brings to riders in our area.”